Cartoonists and Illustrators Draw Animals for Every Letter of the Alphabet.

AlphaBots!: AlphaBots Begins February 4!

If you enjoyed Animal Alphabet, please be sure to follow the new “alpha-project,” AlphaBots! It’s starting Feb 4th. This’ll all be at an entirely new tumblr. Follow there to get weekly alphabetical robots.



Who doesn’t like drawing robots?!? Now’s the time to break out your tools and show us your best robots. For 26 weeks artists from all over the world will be contributing to the collaborative social media art project AlphaBots!

AlphaBots will be the fourth Alphabet Press project…

Coming Soon: AlphaBeasts!

For more great weekly alphabet animals—fictional ones this time—follow the AlphaBeasts Tumblr:

Watch the #AlphaBeasts hashtag on Twitter starting Monday the 17th when people begin posting their weekly beasts!


If you enjoyed looking at or participating in The Animal Alphabet Project, get ready for AlphaBeasts, where we’ll draw fictional creatures every week! Follow us or check back soon for rules and non default design!

Z is for Zopilote

Z is for Zopilote



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